What We Offer

search (sûrch) v.

  1. To make a thorough examination of; look over carefully in order to find something; explore.
  2. To examine the person or personal effects of in order to find something lost or concealed.

a·gent (ay-jent) n.

  1. One that acts or has the power or authority to act.
  2. One empowered to act for or represent another: an author's agent; an athlete's agent; an insurance agent; a Career Seeker OR Hiring Manager's agent.

For our clients seeking top talent, we strive to decrease your frustration and time frame in identifying, recruiting, and hiring top talent. We strive to understand your hiring needs, company culture, organizational structure, and overall business strategy so that we’re properly equipped when taking your message to the masses in order to attract and place
“diamond in the rough” candidates that will add to the success of your mission critical positions.

SAI works across ALL industries and specializes in recruiting for ALL positions within Accounting & Finance, Sales, Operations & Risk, Legal, Human Resources, Marketing, and IT/Engineering.

Successful placement of SAI candidates results in a fee based on a percentage of the candidate’s base salary compensation.

Our fee-based models include:

  • Retained Search
    SAI executes an exclusive, fully committed and pro actively targeted high-level search with an “all hands on deck” approach. This fee structure has proven to be most successful when recruiting for executive level positions.

    Fee structure: 1/3 of projected fee paid up front, 1/3 after 30 days and the final fee paid when the position is filled.
    Fee percentages: 28% - 33% based on the level of complexity for each position. Stock is negotiable.

  • Contingency Search
    An agreement that SAI becomes aware of a client’s hiring needs, company pitch, etc. and either pro actively or reactively identifies prospects. Neither SAI nor the client has committed to specific results. This fee structure is best adopted when hiring urgency/timing is not a priority and/or for staff / mid-level / one-off positions. SAI does not typically work on a contingent basis for high-level searches or blocks of positions.

    Fee structure: Fees are paid upon completion of each filled position.
    Fee percentages: 20% - 25% based on the level of complexity for each position.

  • Contained Search
    This is a hybrid model of retained and contingent where SAI executes an exclusive targeted search where the client may utilize multiple internal resources allowing SAI’s involvement to adjust accordingly. This fee structure has proven to be the most successful and cost productive for our clients.

    Fee structure: $10,000 container fee per position paid up front with the remaining fee paid upon completion of each filled position. Up front container fee will be applied to the balance for each position. Our standard container fee is negotiable based on the number of initial positions proposed.
    Fee percentages: 25% - 30% based on the level of complexity for each position. Stock is negotiable.