About Us

Founded in 2012, Search Agents International (SAI) is a boutique search firm that provides valuable recruiting and career consulting services for employers and career seekers across all industries. SAI takes a true
“partnership” approach with clients and is committed to providing professional value-added services with high-touch, high-quality, great follow through, and excellent customer service.

For our clients seeking top talent, we strive to decrease your frustration and time frame in identifying, recruiting, and hiring top talent. We strive to understand your hiring needs, company culture, organizational structure, and overall business strategy so that we’re properly equipped when taking your message to the masses in order to attract and place
“diamond in the rough” candidates that will add to the success of your mission critical positions.

SAI works across ALL industries and specializes in recruiting for ALL positions within Accounting & Finance, Sales, Operations & Risk, Legal, Human Resources, Marketing, and IT/Engineering.

We have served client industries including:
• Banking & Financial Services
• High tech / Internet / Software / Hardware
• Clean tech / Energy Solutions
• Health care / Medical
• Biotech / Pharmaceutical
• Wireless Communications
• Construction
• Food and Beverage
• Professional Services
• Manufacturing & Distribution

With an objective of catering to the varying needs of our clients, our search/recruiting services and career search membership are customizable. Our search services include fee-based contingent, contained, and retained exclusive search. Our career search membership includes a dedicated career search agent that will partner with career seekers to build a comprehensive and cohesive career search strategy tailored to their needs.